Over the past fourteen (14) years an ongoing study has been conducted that has revealed an alarming number of cases where restaurant owners were charged for unnecessary upgrades, premature testing and the early replacement of parts.

A prime example is a case where a restaurant owner was charged for testing and the replacement of chemical that was never performed. The Inline UL300 Monitoring System was created as a direct result of our findings. First tested in August of 2007, this initial test of three service providers that were called in to service a fixed fire system proved the need for a third party monitoring service. In each case, these service providers billed and collected money for services that were not performed.

Ansul distributor, Rapid Fire Equipment, located in Sevierville, TN, upgraded a fire system in 2007 that wasn’t due to be updated until 2009. On 3/26/09, Tyco Fire and Security/Simplex-Grinnell of Kingsport, TN, went to the same restaurant red-tagged the system as a pre-UL300 and tried to replace the same system. UL300 Inline Monitoring Systems was hired to document the system. Simplex-Grinnell’s attempt to fraudulently replace the system was stopped by the use of Inline UL300 Monitoring Systems.

How do you know if you need Inline UL300 Monitoring ?

Answer these simple questions:

Q: How often are my fire system and portable fire extinguishers being serviced?

A: Fire systems – Semi-Annually – Fire Extinguishers – Annually

Q: How often am I having to replace one or more nozzles?

A: Nozzles that are properly cleaned should last approximate twelve (12) years or the life of the fixed fire system. The exception to this rule is in solid fuel cooking operations that result in damaged nozzles due to excessive heat.

Q: Have you ever had one or more nozzles replaced because they were not UL-300 nozzles?

A: UL-300 nozzles do not exist (Nozzles are classified as flowpoints depending on what type of cooking and what type of equipment. Example: Deep fryers may use different flowpoints than a flat grill).

Q: How do I know if I need Inline UL300 Monitoring ?

Fire System


This fixed fire system may have been manufactured before November 1994, however the entire system does not have to be replaced to meet the standard of UL-300 This system was manufactured after November 1994. This system uses the same chemical as the system on the left. The only difference other than appearance is the regulator and the number of flowpoints over the equipment.

If you had the fire system on the left and were told that you had to change the entire system to the one on the right, YOU NEED INLINE UL 300 MONITORING SYSTEMS.


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